What’s next with technology in our classrooms? What will our students need? We believe that collaboration and creativity can improve our students’ experiences and address critical social-emotional needs. Kristin and Katie will share the importance of ensuring that students have opportunities to work together, develop critical collaboration skills, and create both individually and as teams. Participants will be given clear and concise ideas to apply immediately, as well as structures and lessons that will carry them throughout the year. We’ll explore the best tech and non-tech tools and strategies to accomplish our return to a creative, collaborative, and joyful classroom.

Learning Objectives
Design and develop a plan for using creative expression in the classroom as a means for self-expression, assessment, engagement, and establishing community.
Craft developmentally appropriate expectations for student collaboration, as well as lessons, tools, and strategies to support students in collaborative experiences.
Implement learning experiences that provide knowledge of students to inform instruction throughout the school year.